We talk a lot these days about magnitude: Big Data, crowd-sourcing, MOOCs, global access. And yet the arts & humanities are concerned with human relationships, which often take place in intimate surroundings. During this seminar, we will bridge the distance between the massive scale of the digital world and the privacy of home, between Renaissance Italy and 21st-century North Carolina.

Our focusIsa signature is on intimate activities: music-making, letter-writing, quiet contemplation, and dining at the Mantuan court of Isabella d’Este (1474-1539), and the more modern habit of sitting at a personal computer for research and study. The seminar’s design is that of a think-tank for problem-solving and project designs, with particular attention to multimedia.

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Thanks go to the various offices at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill that have made this seminar possible:

our sponsors,

The Dorothy Ford Wiley Fund
The Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

The Department of Music


The Digital Innovation Lab
The Institute for the Arts and Humanities
Davis Library HUB
The Odum Institute
Carolina Performing Arts

— Anne MacNeil, Organizer